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PhD- og Postdoc-kandidater

Om stillingen


HYDROGENi is a Centre for environment-friendly energy research (FME) dedicated to the research and innovations within hydrogen and ammonia needed to meet the 2030 and 2050 goals of the Norwegian hydrogen road map. HYDROGENi’s activities are a collaborative effort from Norwegian and European partners (industry, universities, and research institutes) that cover the entire hydrogen value chain.

Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition was previously thought to be a “clean” alternative to fossil fuels in cars. However, it can also replace fossil fuels in industrial processes, such as coal in the steel industry, and in the maritime sector. Hydrogen is now considered to be one of the main drivers of the green shift. To realise hydrogen’s full potential, there are important knowledge- and technology gaps that need to be filled.

HYDROGENi’s main objective

HYDROGENi’s main objective is to accelerate the research and innovation needed to deliver a new hydrogen-based energy and technology export industry for Norway, reducing emissions while boosting industry competence and creating new green jobs.

HYDROGENi’s work will focus on four main research areas:

  • Cost-efficient and scalable production
  • Transport and storage in Norway and Europe
  • End-use technologies
  • Safety and material integrity

These are over-arched by research activities dedicated to enabling a sustainable hydrogen economy. HYDROGENi offers an integrated community where knowledge, experience and ideas are shared, with an overall research approach to develop methodologies and knowledge in inter-disciplinary teams that balance technology push and application pull.

The Centre

The Centre is led by SINTEF, with NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), UiO (University of Oslo), USN (University of South-Eastern Norway), and UiT (The Arctic University of Norway) as the academic partners. The Centre involves more than 50 national and international industrial partners that together with the research partners comprise a world leading consortium. Find out more via the HYDROGENi webpage: https://www.sintef.no/en/projects/2022/fme-hydrogeni/

Do you want to become a part of the HYDROGENi team?

We are now announcing 10 positions in HYDROGENi that aim to bring forward outstanding research and innovation and to facilitate a sustainable development of the Norwegian energy sector. You are encouraged to apply for more than one position if there are several that fit your interests and background.

The appointment is to be made in accordance with  Regulations concerning the degrees of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) and Philosodophiae Doctor (PhD) in artistic research national guidelines for appointment as PhD, post doctor and research assistant  

Our announcements for the positions

Please note that each announcement has a specific deadline for the application.

NTNU offer


Om arbeidsgiveren

General information

Working at NTNU

NTNU believes that inclusion and diversity is our strength. We want to recruit people with different competencies, educational backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives to contribute to solving our social responsibilities within education and research. We will facilitate for our employees’ needs.

The city of Trondheim is a modern European city with a rich cultural scene. Trondheim is the innovation capital of Norway with a population of 200,000. The Norwegian welfare state, including healthcare, schools, kindergartens and overall equality, is probably the best of its kind in the world. Professional subsidized day-care for children is easily available. Furthermore, Trondheim offers great opportunities for education (including international schools) and possibilities to enjoy nature, culture and family life and has low crime rates and clean air quality.

As an employee at NTNU, you must at all times adhere to the changes that the development in the subject entails and the organizational changes that are adopted.

A public list of applicants with name, age, job title and municipality of residence is prepared after the application deadline. If you want to reserve yourself from entry on the public applicant list, this must be justified. Assessment will be made in accordance with current legislation. You will be notified if the reservation is not accepted.

If you have any questions about the position, please see links for the positions.

If you think this looks interesting and in line with your qualifications, please submit your application electronically via jobbnorge.no with your CV, diplomas and certificates attached. Applications submitted elsewhere will not be considered. Upon request, you must be able to obtain certified copies of your documentation.  

NTNU - knowledge for a better world

NTNU - knowledge for a better world

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) creates knowledge for a better world and solutions that can change everyday life.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is a key player in national and international research and education programmes in natural sciences and technology. Our research focuses on global challenges in the areas of energy, climate, the environment, food, water, health and welfare. The Faculty consists of eight departments as well as the Faculty Administration.





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